Passions, Purpose, and Possibilities: Awaken Your Spiritual Mission

Uncovering Your Preferred Reality in the New 5D Earth

January 23, 2024 Lucia Moore Season 1 Episode 4
Passions, Purpose, and Possibilities: Awaken Your Spiritual Mission
Uncovering Your Preferred Reality in the New 5D Earth
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In this episode, we take a short imaginary trip into your perfect world to see if we can discover what you really want in life. This can help lead you to your soul's purpose and spiritual mission.

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Hello and welcome to Passions, Purpose and Possibilities, Awakening Your 5D Mission with Lucia Moore. Hello, my beautiful starseeds, lightworkers, wanderers, way showers. It is an honor to be speaking with you once more. It's you becoming completely authentic that is going to create a light that will shine so brightly it will encourage others to do the same. We have spent so much of our lives going along with what the system has told us to do, so much so that you may have forgotten that you are the 1 who directs your own life. Remember, the world has everything in it, even more than you can imagine, and anything that you decide to be, do, or have can be yours. Things may not always turn out exactly as you expect them, but they will always turn out to be exactly what you need. Your job is to head in the direction of where you think you'd like to go and then watch as new experiences unfold before your eyes. To find your purpose, it all begins with envisioning the life you want to see and live. Remember, you see what you look at. And when you look at something, when you really examine it, feel it, your mind, your soul begins to head towards it. Did you ever watch the episode of Frazier when he learned to ride a bike? I'm a big fan of Frazier and I've watched it a lot more times than I should admit. Well, there's this episode when he was learning as a grown man to ride a bicycle. He was in the park and learning to balance, learning to pedal, but he couldn't stop focusing on a tree that was off to the side and because of this he he kept looking at this tree he couldn't seem to go in a straight line and every time he got a good start he'd look over at the tree he'd start pedaling and then he'd swerve over and crash into it. And at the end of the episode, after he'd learned to ride a little bit, he was in a bicycle marathon with his work and somebody said to him, don't run into that big mailbox over there. He hadn't even noticed the mailbox until then. So of course he couldn't get his mind off that mailbox. And when everybody took off on their bikes, he couldn't stop focusing on the mailbox. He couldn't stop looking at it and he ran right into it. It was silly, it was funny, but it shows that we head in the direction of our focus. We head in the direction of what we look at. So if mainstream media is like, look at this, look at this over here. That's where we head. If everybody's crying, there's cancer, there's disease, the world is doomed. And we look at that, we focus on that. That's where we head. So what you put your attention on what you put your focus on is where you're going to head. But if you want to get away from what everybody else is telling you and you decide you're going to head in the direction that you want to go in, you have to have an idea of what that is. You have to have an idea of where you want to head, where you want to go. And by the way, this doesn't mean you have to know exactly how you're going to get there. In fact, that's not your job. You just need the general direction you should be heading in. But the problem is, many of us don't know exactly what we want out of life. Sometimes we're so caught up with what is that we can't see what could be. And that might be because we just aren't used to being able to direct our own path. I imagine it's kind of like being held in a prison for a lifetime, being told what to do and when to do it and then suddenly you're released into the world and you have to begin choosing every new step you'll take in your life and well it's scary but don't worry you will find your way and that's because you know that you have an internal guidance system, your subconscious, your soul if you will, that will get you to where you want to go. So first ask yourself what do you really want in life? What do you want? What do you want to see? What do you want to experience? What do you want to have? How do you want to feel? So today let's begin looking at what you would prefer to see in your life even if you aren't yet totally sure what that is. Let's do a little exercise. Now although it's not strictly necessary I advise you do this in a quiet place with nothing else going on, especially driving. I don't want you to get so involved in it that you aren't able to pay attention to the road. This is an exercise that I've done over and over to help me see things a little bit clearer and to help me know better what I want out of life. It was originally given by a wonderful author called Barbara Sher. I don't remember what she called it, but I call it the perfect world. And I'm going to change it up a little bit by adding in some higher dimensional vibes. So if you can, close your eyes. We're going to go into a magical place where Anything you want is possible. We're going to take a look at your life in the not so far off future where everything has become just the way you want it to be. The world is finally what you would like to have it be and your life is exactly as you dreamed it would be. My only advice is to let your imagination flow. Don't overthink or tell yourself that something isn't possible. Anything is possible here. So take a deep breath with your eyes closed if possible and imagine. The world is finally what you would like to have it be and your life is exactly as you dreamed it would be. Let's begin by imagining yourself ready to wake up in the morning. You are in the perfect sleeping area for you. You may be tucked into a soft bed with exquisite bedsheets over and under you. Or you might find yourself sleeping in a giant nest high in a treetop. Just let the image pop into your head. Don't judge it. Anything is okay. Now in your mind's eye, run your hands over your bedding and feel what's around you. What do you feel? Now just lie in this sleeping area with your eyes still closed and sense what you can hear around you. Birds, an ocean, music, the happy laughter of children. Now, take a deep breath and identify what you can smell. It might be the scent of a forest, flowers, or maybe the smell of breakfast coming down the hall to your room. Go ahead and take another deep breath. And while your physical eyes remain closed, if you're closing them, open your imaginary eyes and take a look around you. Is there anyone with you? A person or people? Animals? Don't think, just let it pop into your head. Look around your space and see what's around you. Remember this is the perfect place for you. Anything you can come up with that makes you happy is great. Now go ahead and stretch if you want to and get up out of your sleeping area. Do whatever it is you do when you first get up. Go to the bathroom, splash water on your face, brush your teeth or whatever you want to do. Now look up and see there's a full-length mirror in front of you. Take a good look at yourself. Don't forget this is your perfect life and this perfection includes you too. You look wonderful. You're healthy and strong. You have a glow about you. Look into your bright, shiny eyes. You are marvelous. What else do you notice about your physical body? Or maybe it's completely different from the physical body you've had on earth. You might have some of your possessions nearby. Take a look around. What do you see? What do you own? What is yours? Maybe you finally have that beautiful piece of art. Or maybe you look outside and you see the vehicle you've always wanted. What do you have in this perfect life? What do your clothes look like? Your shoes? How do you dress in this perfect life? Now, you may want to grab something to eat. You can have anything you could ever imagine. If your life were perfect, what would you eat? Or would you eat it all? Do you grow your own food? Do you make it yourself? Or perhaps you have a private chef? Or maybe your meals magically appear whenever you want them. What pops into your head? What do you see? Now, what will you be doing today? It's not a holiday or anything special it's just a normal day in your perfect life. So let's say that you will for part of the day be doing something that helps to serve others. It's your contribution to the world And money is never the object. You always have more than enough. You're always taken care of and you're always provided for. But somehow you are contributing to the world. It doesn't have to be something that benefits people directly like providing food for the poor, although it could be, it could also be something like designing art that inspires people or picking up garbage to keep the environment beautiful. What are you doing? Who are you helping and who's working with you? Where do you do this thing that you do? And how are you feeling about it? So after you finish Helping the world in some way you're going to spend some time doing something that you truly enjoy, something you love. This can be just for you if you like, or with others as well. You don't need to ask permission and you don't need to be great at it and nobody will discourage you or tell you you can't do it. What would you really enjoy doing? What would make your soul sing? Later, let's gather with the people you love and the people you like to hang out with the most. Who are you with? And what are you doing? Maybe you don't even know them yet. Send them unconditional love because now in the new world, that's what everything is all about, love. Take a look at the world around you. It is amazing. It has become almost like a paradise. You are so grateful the world is raised in vibration. What does it look like? What can you see around you? How does it make you feel in this beautiful paradise that you finally made it to? Let's spend some time in the evening just winding down. Maybe you have a meal, watch some kind of entertainment, sing songs, swim, enjoy some romance, laugh with friends, create something. Whatever it is, it makes you so glad to be alive. And when you're finished, get ready to return to your sleeping place for a beautiful night of rest. So thankful for the wonderful world you now live in. Thank you for going through this exercise with me. Go ahead and open your eyes if you haven't done so already? How did you enjoy your vision of your perfect life? What did you see? Was there anything, and I think there probably was, that popped into your head that you weren't expecting? What surprised you? I think the surprises are often the most telling because they're an indication of what our soul is asking for. I encourage you to write down everything you can remember. In fact, I'll put the prompts in the worksheets I have for you this week. You can get them at That's awaken your mission dot com. I recommend doing this exercise over and over to begin fleshing out some of the things that you'd like to see in your life. Even if you saw some things that you don't currently think are possible, put them down anyway to kickstart your internal guidance system. You may find yourself being or doing or having something someday that you can't even imagine at this moment. Just remember, you don't have to figure out how to make things happen. You just need to have a general idea of where you would like to head. I have done this exercise many times and I'm always amazed when things start to come into focus. For example, when I started doing this many years ago, I would see myself waking up in the morning and hearing birds sing and seeing tropical plants all around me. I had no idea that I would end up moving to Central America several years later, but I guess my soul knew that. And now this is my actual life. There are birds and flowers and beautiful mountains and the most amazing clouds around me every day. Sometimes I can hardly believe it. I can't wait to see what's coming next. And it's all because I began asking myself, what do I want my life to look like? I could see pieces of it. The exercise I just shared, and I have to admit, beginning to meditate regularly, was how I got my start. Each time I did it, my life would become a little clearer a little more into focus. I didn't fully realize it then but just by being able to dream about a new life a new possibility my course started changing. It didn't happen overnight, but the guidance system kicked in and I was led away from my then timeline where I felt like all of the air was being sucked from my lungs, where my chest felt squeezed and my mind felt full from trying to live a life that was never meant for me in the first place. Now, as I've said before, I could never tell you what to do, only you know what that is. But I just want to report that if you're feeling like there's a brighter path somewhere out there, I can confirm this is true. The path exists and it has your name on it. It's waiting for you. You just have to get on it and then it gets built as you walk down it. You can get there by getting glimpses of who you really are and where you really want to be. Anything and everything is available to you. You just need to start heading in that direction. And remember, you do not have to know how you'll get there, just that you'd like to experience whatever it is. So start dreaming my friend. You know that the vibration of the world is rising and it's time to step into it. So before we say goodbye today, don't forget to grab the worksheets at They'll help you document where you need to be headed. Oh, and I will also put the audio of the exercise there too. So you can go over it whenever you'd like. Until next time, keep your vibrations high and your purpose clear. May your journey be as boundless as the universe itself. I send you my love. Bye bye for now!