Passions, Purpose, and Possibilities: Awaken Your Spiritual Mission

Starseed, What Lights You Up? Following Your Passions in the New Paradigm

February 20, 2024 Lucia Moore Season 1 Episode 8
Passions, Purpose, and Possibilities: Awaken Your Spiritual Mission
Starseed, What Lights You Up? Following Your Passions in the New Paradigm
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In our 8th episode, Lucia Moore encourages you to stop following the old crowded path that the whole world is taking. There is a new spirit-led way to get to where you are meant to be.

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Hello and welcome to Passions, Purpose and Possibilities, Awakening Your 5D Mission with Lucia Moore.

My dearest Starseeds, Lightworkers, WayShowers, thank you so much for being here with me today. You are deeply cherished and valued for the unique and brilliant energies you bring into this world. Your dedication to spreading light and love and healing across the earth doesn't go unnoticed. Your compassion and your empathy, along with your great desire for this beautiful planet's ascension, serve as a beacon of hope and inspiration for many people out there.

Welcome to this podcast where we're seeking to uncover our life's missions during this exciting time. We've spent the last several weeks going over exercises to help you open up your mind and your spirit to uncover more of who you really are and what you're meant to do and be during this lifetime. I hope you're starting to feel even the tiniest bit more hopeful about your soul's possibilities by now. Maybe you even have an idea of who you really are, where you want to go, and what you'd like to see in your life, even if it's just an inkling. And contrary to popular opinion, you don't have to know everything. And you definitely don't have to know all of the steps on how to get there before you start out on your journey. All you really have to do is follow your inner guidance, because it knows the way. It knows the best path for you to take and it may even have some exciting surprises along the way.

So I'm hoping by now you're starting to catch even just a glimpse of hope, a tiny spark that lights up all those endless possibilities that your life holds. Maybe you've begun to picture where you want your journey to take you, or maybe you're still at the stage where it's all just a hazy dream, and that's totally fine. Because once you have a vague idea of your destination, your only real job is to take the next step that you're guided to. And how do you know what the next step is? Well, you relax, you feel open, and you look to see what lights up. Really, what lights you up. You say to yourself, this feels right. I don't know why. It might not even make sense. You just feel you should go over there. And when you aren't super sure, you use your truth testing method that we talked about in our last podcast to confirm that you're heading in the right direction. Remember, you get what you look at. If you focus on something, you'll eventually turn towards it. It's like steering a large boat. You turn your nose towards where you want to head and it might take a little bit of time to see your course change, but it does change. And eventually you see that you're heading straight for the thing you've been focusing on.

When I was first learning to drive a car, I felt like it was impossible to watch out for everything around me. There were cars and people in front of me and in the back and at the sides and I was a nervous wreck. So like a lot of newbie drivers, I started out by watching just what was immediately in front of my car's hood. It made it so I was zigzagging all over the road. And it wasn't until someone took me aside and told me to look way down the road that I began to fix my course. She told me that that was my main job, that I should be aware of what was around me, but my focus needed to be way out in front of the car. She said if someone hit me from behind it was because they weren't focusing on what was ahead of them.

So it's normal and okay to be aware of what's going on around you but your main focus really should be out front and not too close. You'll automatically glide over what's immediately in front of you. Your inner guidance, your personal GBS, knows exactly how to get you where you need to be. It's created a specific path for you to take, but don't expect it to be straight because it often winds and curves and you would never guess the things you'll see and experience along the way. So today I'd like to talk to you about a concept that I am, right now anyway, going to call dot-to-dot living.

Do you remember those dot-to-dot puzzles we used to do when we were kids? When you looked at 1 of the pages, you couldn't always guess what object you'd find once you connected all the dots. So you'd take out your pencil or crayon and start with number 1 and follow the numbered dots to see what would appear. And sometimes the more complicated ones gave you something you never would have expected. And it was fun to try to figure out what it was going to be. Many people think their lives should go in a straight line. I need to get from point A to point B. But the truth is, life doubles back and goes in circles sometimes. And we need to start realizing that that's okay. It's actually how it's supposed to be. We're meant to experience and enjoy the journey. It's not about the destination. It's about the journey. And once you finish 1 journey, you begin another. It's like, yay! You just finished second grade, and now it's time to start third grade. There's always more.

The purpose of your life is to relax and go with the flow. Get in the boat and let life take you where you're meant to be. You don't have to paddle all the time. The stream, your intuition, will take you and it'll be a lot more fun and way easier.

So it works like this. Instead of deciding every single step we'll take to get to a goal that we've set up for ourselves, which is the old paradigm, we allow spirit to guide us each step of the way. But instead of looking out for the next number and the next dot, we look out into the distance and see a light shining. The light calls to us. We feel excited and we head towards it. That's our next step. And once we get there and enjoy what it has to offer, a new light lights up out into the distance and it feels right. Then we follow this path where we find new and exciting things. Often we'll find things that we never expected. It's more about using your heart and feeling the tug to the new place, then using your brain to decide what will happen. So really, instead of following each dot, we begin going from light to light. And once you arrive at a light and enjoy the stop for a while, there's a new light to follow down the path. So we start with a general idea of where we want to head. We allow a good feeling to tug at us and then we head in that direction.

But the path takes a lot of twists and turns as we follow light to light and since we're not forcing things, the new paradigm, we may end up in a place that we expected or somewhere close to what we thought it would be, or we may end up somewhere entirely different, somewhere that we could never have imagined, somewhere much better than we could have come up with on our own. Your spirit, your internal guidance system, knows where to go. It knows what to show you along the way and it might even have some lessons for you as you go. But since you're stuck under a veil of forgetfulness, you may not always be able to see where you need to head. But your guidance system sees it and don't forget it's part of you. It's not outside of you. It is you. It's the expanded version of yourself. It's the part that can see things that your 3D self can't see.

So you may think you know how to get where you want to go as your 3D self, and maybe you do, but sometimes your mind's guidance system is old-fashioned and clunky. It'll take you down the path that everybody else knows about. Where it's crowded and dirty and smelly, it's the road of the world. You'll end up being in a terrible traffic jam and then everyone will arrive at the same place that everyone else is going. But your higher self's guidance system can see another path. The one that goes through a beautiful forest with flowers and a meadow and a babbling brick running alongside the path. And instead of ending up at everyone else's tired old destination, yours is fresh and beautiful. Because your higher system knows the way and it knows how to navigate all the minute details that you may have never even thought of.

So on a practical level you're probably asking, how do I start doing this? And here's the simplified answer. I call this 20-minute segmentation. Maybe we need to come up with a fancier name for it. And this is how it works. Unless you have something that you're already committed to, like showing up for work or making sure your children have dinner. Ask yourself what feels the brightest and the happiest and the most exciting at this very moment. So unless you have an appointment or you've made a promise to someone, and I'm very careful about both of these these days, you simply decide what you would like to do for the next 20 minutes only. Not your whole life, just the next 20 minutes. What feels right right now? What can I commit myself to doing for the next 20 minutes? So you might want to start working on that social media content for your business, or you might want to take a nap. Ask yourself what is right for you this very minute. What feels right. You may find that taking the short nap first will help you do a better job on the social media content later. And once you get going on something, the 20-minute segment can continue to renew as long as you want it to. It's kind of like me when I hit the snooze button on my alarm over and over because my sleep feels so delicious.

The thing is, when you follow your soul's intuition, you still get things done. Maybe it's not the way your brain thought you would do it, but it gets done and it ends up fine, maybe even better than you expected. I remember several years ago I heard about a study done with toddlers to see if they would eat a balanced diet if given the chance to eat whatever they wanted. So they gave the children a myriad of choices like vegetables and meats and fruits and macaroni, crackers, puddings, cookies, etc. Of course, the kids began the first day by eating up all of the carbs and sugary treats. But over the week, they moved on to proteins and fruits and vegetables, all of what would be considered the healthier foods. So if they just watched the kids eat for the first day, they would have concluded that children make poor choices when left to their own devices. But it turns out they actually ate a very well-rounded diet over the course of a week, and they got all of the nutrition they needed just by letting them follow their own natural rhythms.

When you follow your light, you will still get things done. And if they don't get done, maybe they weren't necessary. So important things will get done, they just might be accomplished in a different manner than your 3D self thinks they should be. So what about the bigger goals in life? What if you are someone like me who has a million things you want to do in your life? Something new comes up and you say, Oh, I want to do that. Something else comes up. Oh, I want to do that. And you feel like if you choose 1 thing, you're denying yourself all of those other things that you'd like to do as well. I think some people know exactly what they want and other people just can't choose from all the possibilities.

So have you ever seen someone twirling plates up in the air? Maybe a clown or a street performer. They'll take a pole and put a plate at the end of it and begin spinning it and it's quite impressive. But then they'll take another plate and spin that on a bowl and then another and another and before long they've got 10 plates spinning in the air. Amazing! But the thing you need to realize is they didn't start out spinning all 10 plates at the same time. They started with 1 and then they added another and another and another until they got all of them spinning. It would have been nearly impossible to get them all spinning at the same time. So if you have a lot of ideas, If there are a lot of things you'd like to do in your life, I recommend you start with one thing first, and then once it's going, add another and another.

So then you say, well how do I know which plate to begin spinning first? I have lots of ideas about what I want to do in my life and businesses I want to start. I'm just digging myself a bigger hole because I don't know what to do. I don't know what to do first. Well, it's simple. Ask yourself, what do I want to do? What do I feel I want to do right now? What is calling me the most? What lights me up the most right now? Make a list. Go over each thing. Use your truth testing method and see what lights you up the most. The other things will still be waiting for you, and if it's still meant for you to accomplish in the future, it will light up strong and bright when you're ready for it. Or, perhaps the experiences you gain with your first plate spinning will show you something even better.

But I can hear you ask me, what if I get so involved with my first plate that I forget all of my other great ideas? Write them down. Create a vision keeper. A place where you can hold all of your awesome ideas. Do you remember, again in Harry Potter, the pensieve where Dumbledore could store his memories so he didn't have to hold them in his head. That's what I mean by a Vision Keeper. If you have a lot of things swirling around in your head about what you want to do in your life and you worry about missing out on one thing if you choose another, let's keep them in a list so you'll always have access to them and you won't have to keep your head so crowded.

So this week I've created a free worksheet for you that you can download called A Vision Keeper. It's a place for you to list the things that you'd like to accomplish, if not now, then when the time is right. You can download that for free at You might find that your Vision Keeper or your pensieve, if you prefer, becoming a continuous project as you continue to think of new things you'd like to add and remove as they fall out of your favor. After you write down as much as you can think of, take a look at your list and see if there's anything that would light you up right now. And take note, this just may be the beginning of your next journey.

Next time I'd like to begin talking about some spiritual business ideas that you may want to explore as you get to know more about your authentic self. If you'd like to participate in this podcast as a guest speaker, or you have questions or comments, or if you'd like to work with me personally to help you uncover your soul's mission in this lifetime, please visit I truly look forward to hearing from you. 

Thank you so much for spending time with me during this podcast. I'm deeply honored. And thank you so much for contributing to the Grand awakening and helping to anchor in divine light and love in this physical reality. Go follow your light. Your presence is a gift to humanity. You're not alone in this journey. The universe supports you, and I myself am sending you love. Until next time. Bye bye.

Introduction - Welcoming Starseeds, Lightworkers, and WayShowers to the podcast, expressing gratitude for their dedication to spreading light and love.
Navigating the Journey - Using the analogy of driving and dot-to-dot living to illustrate the winding and surprising nature of life's path, emphasizing the importance of enjoying the journey.