Passions, Purpose, and Possibilities: Awaken Your Spiritual Mission

Could You See Yourself in any of these Spiritual Businesses?

February 27, 2024 Lucia Moore Season 1 Episode 9
Passions, Purpose, and Possibilities: Awaken Your Spiritual Mission
Could You See Yourself in any of these Spiritual Businesses?
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In our 9th episode, Lucia Moore shares some possible spiritual business ideas. If you are thinking of starting a spiritual business, tune in and listen to her list to see if anything resonates with you. This may be the start of your future endeavor!

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Hello and welcome to Passions, Purpose, and Possibilities, Awakening Your 5D Mission with Lucia Moore. I am so glad to spend a little more time with you, my dear Starseed, Lightworker, Earth Angel, Ascension Seeker. We have been talking about your spiritual mission, your purpose in your current life, and uncovering your authentic self during these last podcasts. It is my sincere hope that little by little you have been able to learn more about who you really are and what you're meant to accomplish during this time on the planet.

Today, I'd like to move away a little bit from the exercises we've been doing and begin speaking about some spiritual business ideas that may match who you are authentically. Now, this doesn't mean you shouldn't or can't have a 9 to 5 working with somebody else. You need to be exactly you, and you need to do exactly what you need to do. And in my imperfect opinion, if you are offering light and love to the world around you, it doesn't really matter what you do for a job. There are millions of souls working in everyday jobs that need to be around somebody like you. Just your existence in their proximity can change their soul's experience without either of you knowing what's going on.

But there are still millions of us starseeds and lightworkers who would like to branch out and create a path, a business, that few people have done before. And if you feel this calling, let's begin going over some ideas and see how they resonate with your soul and with your human self. Later in other podcasts, I'd like to delve into them a little more in detail, but right now we'll just start by exploring the possibilities.

I'm going to briefly go over a myriad of spiritual business ideas, and I'm hoping as I go through each one, you take a moment to see what, if any of them, resonate with you on a deep level. And just so you know, a little bit later I will be going over a number of coaching ideas because I know there are a lot of people who are interested in doing different kinds of spiritual coaching. Today, I have one or two coaching ideas sprinkled throughout this list, but we will be mainly focusing on the non-coaching business ideas.

First, are you interested in energy or healing practices? This can be anything from healing the body to the emotions, the chakras. There are many people going into natural healing and becoming naturopaths. Others specialize in balancing chakras. Some people utilize techniques like Reiki, pranic healing, quantum touch, to be able to manipulate and balance the energy fields within and around the human body to promote healing. There are also sound healers, and I have a bit of interest in this, where you would use instruments or your voice to help other people improve their physical or emotional health and well-being. You could become a shaman where you could help heal and bring balance back to people and communities as well. There's biofield energy healing where you would influence energy fields around people's bodies in order to improve their health. There's also Theta Healing, which is a kind of meditative technique that helps with physical and psychological and spiritual healing by accessing Theta Brainwaves. There's also holistic health practitioners, aromatherapists who use essential oils and plant compounds to improve the health and emotional being of others. You may consider becoming an organic herbalist, where you work with herbs for healing and promoting health, or a plant medicine guide, where you would help people with the use of plant-based substances for their spiritual and medicinal and psychological needs. Perhaps you'd like to consider becoming a spiritual nutritionist where you would integrate nutritional science with spiritual practices.

Okay, another set of ideas is in the divination or spiritual insights arena. Have you ever thought about reading Tarot or oracle cards in order to offer insight and guidance? Maybe you're interested in astrology or numerology or even palmistry. You might be able to interpret people's dreams or become an animal communicator if you have those gifts. There's also runes readings which use ancient alphabetic symbols for divination and decision making. Or maybe you're able to see auras and you can do aura readings, and if you're not able to see auras, perhaps you could do aura photography to be able to interpret what is going on within a person's energy field. Or maybe you would be interested in becoming more of a guide. For example, becoming a yoga instructor, or a meditation coach, or a spiritual life coach. And as I said, we'll get into more coaching ideas later. You could be a past life regression therapist. I know of a lot of people who are following Dolores Cannon's QHHT method, which seems to be really wonderful. If you are able to communicate with angels, maybe you would like to be an angel therapist. And if you enjoy organizing big groups, maybe you would consider becoming a spiritual retreat organizer, where you would plan retreats that offer spiritual growth, healing and reflection, or meditation opportunities. Or if you aren't interested in creating a large retreat, maybe you would be interested in becoming a spiritual workshop facilitator so you could lead workshops on various topics for personal and communal growth. If you enjoy travel, you may want to organize trips and lead groups to places of spiritual significance. Or perhaps you'd like to stay where you are and facilitate women's circles, creating sacred women's circles where women gather to honor and explore the divine feminine. Or perhaps you're more interested in working with your hands, or maybe you're very artistic. Some ideas for you might be to be a spiritual artisan where you design creations of a spiritual nature. You could be a Mala bead maker or a sacred dance instructor. Maybe you could publish spiritual journals. Or if you are a musician, create sacred music. Create art based on sacred geometry or angels. Or maybe you'd like to be a spiritual tattoo artist. You might be interested in creating enchanted jewelry or spiritual pottery. There are so many ways that you can create and share beautiful art with the world.

Or maybe you're not the artist type and you're more interested in products or retail. What about becoming a crystal seller or a crystal retailer where you sell crystals of all types? Or how about having a spiritual clothing line that maybe you create or sell clothes that reflect spiritual values or spiritual symbols? And this might be fun to create a spiritual subscription box where you offer a subscription service delivering curated spiritual tools and books and artifacts. Or you could produce or sell candles that are intended for spiritual or ritualistic use. They may be infused with specific intentions or energies. Or what about spiritual affirmation cards? You could design and or sell these cards with affirmations or in spiritual messages. Or maybe you could make jewelry with special spiritual or healing intentions. Maybe incorporating crystals or symbols or sacred geometry. Or even creating bath products that have been infused with blessings or intentions designed for healing or for spiritual growth. Or you could run a spiritual bookstore with books and items that reflect a spiritual or metaphysical or a self-help nature.

So for those who are into maybe the creation or perhaps just the retail of items, these may be good ideas. Now what if you consider yourself more of an educator? What about a spiritual podcast or maybe a YouTube channel? It seems as more and more people are waking up, they're flocking to YouTube and to podcasts to find out more about what's really going on in the world. Maybe you could be a spiritual children's educator where you provide education and workshops for kids and focus on spiritual teachings and practices. Or maybe an author for adults or children focusing on spiritual concepts. For those who are a little more techie, what about becoming a spiritual mobile app developer and creating apps that help with people's spiritual practice or with meditation or with learning. Or maybe you would like to become a blogger where you could use your writing skills and share articles on spiritual topics and practices and personal growth. These are all of interest to me. How do they feel to you?

Okay, so going on perhaps you are interested in Spaces, maybe you have that interior design vibe. How about becoming a sacred space consultant? Where you could advise people on creating spaces that support spiritual practice and their well-being. You could combine design and energy flow and maybe sacred geometry. Or maybe you could rent out sacred spaces for spiritual practices or workshops or retreats or places for artists to get together. And here's one that's kind of unique. What if you became a labyrinth designer? You designed labyrinths to be used as meditative walking paths that could symbolize a journey from the spiritual center and then back to the world. I think that would be a lot of fun. Or what if you were in charge of creating communities that helped people live sustainably and in harmony with the earth? Perhaps you could design eco-villages, maybe ones that incorporated spiritual values. And continuing on with that theme of more of an outdoor space creator, what about creating healing gardens or nature sanctuaries where you designed or maintained a space that promotes healing and spiritual connection through nature? Or what if you were a person who installed crystal grids in order to amplify healing energies? Or you became a sacred geometry architect where you incorporated principles of sacred geometry in the design of buildings and structures. All of these could be beautiful ideas. Are any of them interesting to you? Do you resonate with any of them?

What about creating an online spiritual academy with online courses on various spiritual practices and teachings? Or a spiritual mentorship program where you offer personal guidance and help people with their spiritual development. And if you have the knowledge and desire, maybe you would like to create some workshops on ancient wisdom and traditions. Or if you're more into publishing, you may want to consider publishing a spiritual magazine. If your focus is on mindfulness, what about creating a mindfulness training program, where you could teach workshops or courses on mindfulness techniques that could help people reduce their stress and enhance the quality of their lives. Or you could help parents become more mindful by teaching conscious parenting workshops where you could help guide parents on raising their kids with mindfulness and spiritual awareness. And on the same mindfulness theme, how about creating a digital detox retreat where you could bring people together and help them disconnect from their digital devices and help them reconnect to themselves in nature. I should probably go to one of those.

Now these are just a few of the possibilities out there. If you're interested in creating a spiritual business or becoming a spiritual entrepreneur, there are so many more ideas out there, and I wouldn't doubt that you can think of a few of them right now. If you can, get in touch with me and let me know, and I will add them to the list. I'll see if I can come up with a really nice long list of lots of ideas. So my question to you right now is, did anything spark interest? Did anything sound good enough where you may want to research it just a little bit more? Is there anything you could see yourself doing? If so, that's great. We'll be exploring more of these ideas very soon, particularly some coaching ideas because I think that's a pretty big topic, at least in the spiritual community. So let me go ahead and add those ideas to the worksheets that I've been creating for you every week. This way you can peruse through them and see if there's anything that tickles your fancy. And I don't give you this to have you go out and jump into something right away. Of course, if you're ready and willing, go for it. But it's just to give you some ideas, some food for thought. And so you can start deciding what feels good, what feels right for you.

So I hope that helps you out a little bit. Now if you're new to the podcast, I highly encourage you to go back to the beginning because we've been building step by step. And we've been going through a number of exercises to help understand more about who we really are, why we're here on earth, and what we're meant to do. Next time, we will be continuing on with uncovering our purpose and our spiritual mission. But in the meantime, if you'd like to grab those worksheets or if you have anything that you'd like to share with me or with the listeners of this podcast, I hope you'll let me know by visiting That's LINK. There's a link to the worksheets, and there are several ways to get in touch with me there. So please don't forget to chime in, And if you'd like some help along your journey, I am working with a handful of people, and if you would like to be one of them, feel free to get in touch with me through that page. I'd love to work with you personally. Oh, and I'm going to be starting a mastermind where we can get together and talk with one another and get help and support and camaraderie. I think it's going to be a lot of fun. So if you're on my list, you'll be one of the first to know, but I will be coming back with some more information on that. So it's going to be part mastermind, part intention circle, and part camaraderie. So that should be really fun.

Thank you so much for being here with me today. I'm always so blessed and grateful to have you spend this little bit of time with me. I hope this information is helpful. I hope you're starting to see and realize just how valuable and wonderful you really are. We have things to do. We're here for a reason. We're tired of being held back. It's go time. Let's do it. You, my dear starseed, my dear lightworker, the most important thing, maybe the only thing that you need to focus on right now, is becoming truly you, your authentic self. You are already wonderful, you probably just don't realize it yet. So let's continue to peel off the old layers of 3D life and find out who we really are. Have a blessed week. Be happy, honor yourself. And I will talk to you soon. Bye-bye.